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The Summer to Shine!

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It’s that time of year again! Our kiddos are finally out of school, and excited to get started on their summer activities. This is my first year directly involved with the Southwest YMCA’s Summer Camp program. I finished up our first week of camp just hours ago, and I can truly say that I LOVE it. I am working with our Kamp Kermit, the 4/5 Year old group. I encourage summer camps to just about anyone that I come into contact with. I think attending a summer camp should be a part of each child’s youth. I believe attending a summer camp program will help your child become more independent, build their confidence, and make new friends. Whether your child attends one week, or all summer, I can personally assure you that parents will be impressed in all of the skills that your child will accomplish. It’s amazing to work with a group of youth, and see how they progress. I can tell you that I can already see a difference in our kids from Monday to Today. It’s an awesome experience. Whether it’s a YMCA, church, or 4h camp, I encourage all parents to urge your child to participate in a camp program! You and your child will love the outcome!


One thought on “The Summer to Shine!

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