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My favorite day of the year ….

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As a YMCA staff person, we all probably have tasks, assignments, and times of the year that we like more than others.  My favorite day of the year is the beginning of YMCA summer camp. It is filled with excited kids, nervous parents, well trained staff, and a (slightly anxious) Director.  It’s hard to explain my excitement and anticipation.  We started planning for camp last summer…… before the summer was even over.  We began putting together promotional stuff in December.  We began hiring in January and we’ve been full steam ahead since then!

The beginning of camp is an important day for our YMCA.  It’s a chance to live our promise to our community and that we will impact youth in a positive way.  We’ll help our camp kids learn and grow, with caring adults right by their side cheering them on.  We’ll teach them about healthy decision, make fitness fun, and role model good behavior.  We’ll help them make friends and find their missing lunch, all in the same day.

The day that camp starts is a great day. Hands down, the best day of the year.

I can’t wait to go to work!


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