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Choices by Tom Whortan

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It is happening again, I look up and realize that I do not like some of the choices I am making. I know, the bad choices are so much easier, grab fast food instead of cooking something healthier, plop in front of the TV instead of interacting with the family or walking the dog, watching 15 minutes more TV instead of reading to your child at bedtime.  Choices, we have so many of them every day and honestly I am not sure we ever really think about how important the little ones are over time. How many people would agree with the statement “I would love two weeks every year to spend with my kids or spouse” imagine what we could accomplish in those two weeks, how valued they would feel. Well 15 minutes every day adds up to two weeks every year.  I can find that two weeks, can you?

Most of us have seen the Cola commercial where the guy asks “and?” after each thing that happens in his life and something even cooler happens. But that commercial misses the most important “and” question he (and we) should be asking. The one we ask of ourselves, “and what can I do for him/her/them?” Instead of waiting for the next cool thing, why not be the next cool thing? It really is just about choices, choosing our attitude, actions and behaviors.

We all get the big choices and how important they are. Getting married, having kids, accepting a job, joining a church, we can list them and we all get that they matter to us, our families and those close to us. But those little choices we face every day, do we really pay attention to what they do, how much they add up to mean. If it is true that “we are what we repeatedly do” then those daily choices become our habits, they make us who we are.  Here are some questions about those little choices:

  • Did you tell your spouse (significant other, etc….) how much they mean to you before you left this morning?
  • When was the last time you hugged your kid this week, just because?
  • Have you thanked someone for doing something they should have/would have done anyway, just because it will make them feel appreciated?
  • Did you let someone in the traffic line even if you were in a hurry?
  • Called your Mom lately? (Not just for Mother’s Day)
  • Got a best friend?  Told them they are important recently?
  • When was the last time you did something to benefit someone who could not help you in any way?
  • How did you treat that person at work today, you know the one that really does not fit in, ignore, ostracize or were you pleasant?
  • Do you smile at the cashier and say thank you for ringing up your purchase?

Ok, you get the idea. Choices we all make them, every day. Sometimes I even make the right one, how about you?


One thought on “Choices by Tom Whortan

  1. So have you made the right choice? You are right the little choices that we make each day can affect others in an extreme way. It’s called the Compound Effect or maybe Karma?

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