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Great time to be in Kentucky

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Isn’t a great time to live in Kentucky?  The weeks leading into Derby have to be the most exciting time to live (or visit) Kentucky.  The town looks beautiful and there are so many activities leading into May.

I am especially found of the Triple Crown and the Mini Marathon.  My family has been participating in them since 1999.  This year my youngest daughter, who is 25,  wanted to do the mini for the first time and asked dear ‘old’ Mom to help her.  With my class schedule at the Y, it is really hard to find the time to train for 13.1 miles, plus there is always a chance for injury that would take me off the schedule which puts my co-workers in a bind. But I did find a solution, because it meant as much to me, or more, to do her first mini with her.  So I told her I would start and finish every race with her, I just wasn’t sure what the middle would look like.  The 3 mile came and went without much trouble and even the 6 wasn’t too hard to finish, but the 10 and 13.1 found me wondering what to do.  I could walk most of it but that would not put me in place to finish with her.

I actually experienced the best of both worlds.  I viewed the course maps and found places where I could start the race with her, wait at a destination that she would return to and then finish the race with her.  It was an awesome experience to run with her and encourage her.  Then while I was waiting I was able to cheer on the other runners, including my son ,husband and our team from the Y.  (Mr. Tarver, that was me that yelled your name during the 10 and 13.1.  Thanks for setting a wonderful example for all of us.)  I would then wait anxiously for my daughter to return and jump on the course and finish the race holding her sweet little hand.  It was a memory I will never forget.  I can proudly say that all three of my children have completed the Triple Crown and Mini.  I like to think that through my 13 years at the Y maybe my passion for exercise has rubbed off on them.

Some people might think I am a cheater or slacker, but I paid the fee, followed all the rules and got to experience one of my favorite derby events.  Not to mention making a special memory with my baby girl.


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