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Your just Lucky!

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It seem like in todays society that people that lose a significant amount of weight are praised for a job well done and I certainly agree.  Everyone has different struggles and different backgrounds that make them who they are, but today I would like to recognize the people that work hard everyday just to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. I am a 50 something wife, mother, grandmother and fitness instructor.  The first three were definately in my lifeplan, but not so much the last.  I am currently within 10 pounds of my weight on the day I was married 31 years ago, and most people will say, “Oh, you are just lucky or you must have good genes.  I am lucky that fitness is a part of my job description and I am lucky (blessed) that my parents are 82 and 87 years of age, even though they have a multitude of health conditions from heart disease to arthritis, but I (like many of you) struggle everyday with making good decisions when it comes to my body and my health.  I must chose, and find the time to incorporate exercise and healthy foods into my daily lifestyle.  Many days I succeed and many days I fail, but I take the challenge anew everyday. I am able to run with my children, play with my grandchildren and take care of my parents because of it and I do feel very lucky (blessed.)


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