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Tick… Tick… Tick… that is the only sound I hear at the moment which happens to be coming from the wall clock hung above me.  It is 3:18 AM in the morning and I am wide awake, which is very unusual for me; this coming from an individual who adores her shut eye more than anyone should.  Its pitch black in the house and the only light illuminating the room is the bright colorful screen in front of me.

Here I sit stuck in front of the laptop looking for my next weekend project all because I am to restless to climb in bed and call it a night.  Where do I find myself this early in the morning you ask?  I only have one addiction these days that I find myself consumed by, lurking for hours; searching for something to spark a jolt of creativity from me, and its evil name is Pinterest.

For those of you out there who are unaware of pinterest, I caution you, before leaving this page to perform a Google search; might I share a small warning, lol.  This site has literally taken hours away from me since its discovery months ago, I have actually lost track of time.  I call myself a pretty crafty person, and have always thought that I was a natural at it.  Let me just say, my mind was blown. I couldn’t believe all the simple ideas and imaginative creations that were flooding the empty file cabinets inside my head that others out in the World Wide Web had created.

For those of you who are followers, of mine, or those who I am following now, you will I’m sure completely understand my addiction and agree that you to might even have a small one.  I will in fact bank on it that you also have lost time over this site as well.  Chocolate, diet cherry coke, the food network; all addictions I have come to personally own up too, I can go days without, but not my pinterest.  Every single day of the week I sign in and add this or that to my boards.  If I want a recipe, a quote, a picture, or even to get ideas on planning a party; anything really!  It’s there.  From the Christmas ornaments I made in December, the wine bottle crafts I continue to perfect myself on periodically, to the apron I made this past weekend.  All these projects were inspired from this site, and I have only a ton more I want to try.

So next time, you find yourself with a little extra time on your hands, and you are next to a laptop like me.  Go and pin yourself a couple of ideas you can do with the family to your board and create a plethora of ideas to keep those creative juices inside yourself flowing.  With Valentine’s day only being a couple of weeks away, get inspired from this site, I just know you will come up with something different this year to surprise your loved one.


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