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A tour of the unknown

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Giving tours is something that I do daily at the Southeast Family YMCA. I love giving tours actually and always jump to the opportunity to meet someone seeking healthy living. I noticed about four months ago, that some areas of our Y I didn’t really truly have an understanding for myself. So I challenged myself to learn more and use the facility more in all areas.

Now, as a front desk membership staff, I not only just use the treadmill for running. I challenged myself to lift more weights, use the cycles, as well as try out our elliptical machines to see which ones I saw the most results from. I asked my boss to change my schedule a little so that I could swim some evenings before I go home. Please keep in mind I haven’t been swimming for the last ten years, so my skills are a bit shaky. Through expanding my own Y experiences, when I give tours, I feel like I can offer more and really understand where people are coming from. It helps me to be more encouraging toward their goals, and to understand why they love to swim so much!  I would like to encourage other people who are the “face” of the Y to seek healthy living ourselves to set an example. Through this little challenge, I have had the chance to meet more members who are making work an even greater place to come to each day. Work feels now more like I’m hanging out with my family all day. It’s a truly grand and rewarding feeling.

We have had a front desk challenge the last few weeks, and this is greatly strengthening our front desk team at the Southeast Y. We are preparing for January and want to be a knowledgeable and fun front desk staff, that will make our current members and future members feel great! We have all agreed to focus on what is at hand and performing at our best. The past few months working at the Southeast YMCA has been nothing but a joyous occasion, and we can’t wait for all our members to see the fun events we’ve planned for them in January! God Bless, and Merry Christmas!


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