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Holiday Bucket List 2011

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Ok -so anyone who know me, even just a little bit, knows I LOVE a list.  Grocery lists, to do lists, phone lists, I like them all.  In the spirit of the season, I came up with this Holiday bucket list.  Feel free to add your own items to the list and join in on the fun.

Holiday Bucket List 2011

1.  Make and decorate sugar cookies

2.  Give half of the yummy cookies away!

3.  Adopt an Angel from the Salvation Army Angel Tree

4.  Go iceskating

5.  Make reindeer food and put in on the lawn (so Rudolph doesn’t miss my house on the big night!)

6.  Watch a favorite Christmas movie….mine is Elf, but you can watch your favorie pick.

7.  Take some pics over the holidays of the family so we can remember all the holiday fun.

8.  Go look at Christmas lights.

9.  Write a letter to Santa

10.  Make a least one homemade gift this year (get ready mom).


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