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Cheap Temptations

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So, whose eyes have been scarred by the distaste of LivingSocial today? Can you hardly believe their national deal of the day is 50% off McDonalds; 5 Big Macs and 5 large fries for $13? Seriously?! By 11:30am (less than 12 hours after the deal was launched!) over 103,000 had already been purchased. *Hanging my head in shame.*

I don’t know about you but when this “beaut” came through my email inbox, my jaw dropped, I did a double take, and my blood pressure instantly spiked. Who do they think they are?! LivingSocial offers to companies worldwide the opportunity to sell their products or experiences at discounted rates to consumers who may not, given any other situation, notice or purchase their goods. LivingSocial consequently offers consumers the opportunity to save money, seek new opportunities, and support their communities. Seems like a win-win, yeah? Right, it normally is, except for when the world’s largest hamburger-chain restaurant decides to take advantage of LivingSocial’s influential marketing opportunity and contributes to the nation’s growing obesity epidemic. Thanks a lot, Mickey-D’s.

This week, Prevention magazine released an article listing the 8 most artery-clogging cities in America. Guys, we made the cut! Ugh. Yep, Louisville came in at #8. The article so disturbingly described how McDonald’s (coincidence? I think not) has more restaurants per capita in Louisville than any other city in America. Disgusting.

Here’s the kicker. I’m not personally opposed to McDonald’s selling their goods on a site like LivingSocial, but what I don’t understand is why they didn’t take such an amazing opportunity (LivingSocial reaches nearly 46 million people annually!) to market the good (nutritionally) options they’ve added to their menu! You know, the things they spend so much money trying to get people to realize they have in the first place! Think for a minute, where was the last time you saw a McDonald’s ad referencing a healthy option on their menu? I saw some apple slices and milk (which they apparently add to every ‘Happy Meal’ now?) on the back of a TARC bus just yesterday. This shows they’re trying. If McDonald’s had offered a LivingSocial Deal of the Day for their Fruit & Yogurt Parfait, apple slices, or a salad, even I would have considered purchasing it!

…And you know what? I bet more than 103,000 would have sold in the first 11.5 hours, too.


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