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He’s No Richard Simmons.


Bannon is an unusual dog. Unlike his fellow canines, when prompted, “Do you want to go on a walk?” his head lowers, he starts to shake, and he slinks away slowly hoping to disappear from the face of the earth. Although entertaining to show friends and family, it isn’t what I had in mind when I got a dog.

I had heard so many wonderful stories about how people’s furry friends had helped them get in shape! I was beyond excited when I got Bannon. His gigantic paws and, for lack of a less cliché image, puppy dog eyes, were ideal screensaver material. I immediately fell in love with him. I also fell in love with the idea of him keeping me on track with my activity. Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten a bulldog?

I quickly learned that Bannon, along with all bulldogs I assume, is not the exercise type. He spends his days sleeping. He sleeps in his cage. He sleeps on the floor. He sleeps on my bed. He sleeps on the couch. He summons the will to move sleeping locations about four to five times a day. Impressive.

So, here is the moral of the story. If you are looking for an exercise motivator and are thinking about a dog, do some research.  Upon Googling the subject, here is what I found. Some of the best dog breeds for activity, running in particular, include weimaraners, goldendoodles, standard poodles, vizslas, greyhouds, pit bulls, English setters, beagles, golden retrievers, and labrador retrievers.

My bubby, Bannon, as I call him, is adorable, sweet, and excellent at chewing my favorite shoes and underwear. However, I will unfortunately have to invest in a brother or sister for him if I’d like to exercise with a dog. For now, he’s just an excellent diet partner. Those puppy dogs eyes work wonders for him when getting table food. Thank you, Bannon, for helping keep mommy’s portions under control:)


2 thoughts on “He’s No Richard Simmons.

  1. I chuckled as I read your description of Bannon. I have a slightly overweight Lhasa Apso with much the same attitude on exercise…..and sleep! Fortunately my daughter has a Siberian Husky who always welcomes a walk/run partner — she sure helps keep me motivated 🙂

  2. Love reading about your “bubby”. I have two dogs that would love more walks; maybe we could arrange something:)

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