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A Calorie-Counter’s Buzz Kill


Guys. Grab a stable seat. I’d hate for you to fall out of your chair in excitement. (Or off your exercise ball!)

Are you ready? Are you sure?

 …Starbucks’ red cups are here. You know what this means don’t you? It. Is. Christmastime. I am BESIDE myself excited. All good things come with Christmas. Family, friends, snow, vacation days, Christmas trees, fireplaces, PEPPERMINT MOCHAS.

…Did you catch that last one? Yep, I said it, and I’ll say it again.

Peppermint mocha.

peppermint mocha.

peppermint mocha.

16 ounces of minty, chocolatey, warm goodness. Oh, and chock full of calories and sugar. Ugh. Way to ruin it, I know, I know. I sort of hate that I decided to write a blog post about the deliciousness that is this particular Starbucks’ holiday concoction, as I was forced to look up the nutrition facts. Lets (unfortunately) break it down;

If you were to walk into Starbucks and ask for a Grande Peppermint Mocha, it would be made with 2% milk and would most likely have whipped cream (with chocolate shavings, of course, does Starbucks ever do anything half way?) on top too. Fair warning: nutrition facts in next sentence.  Look out! This bad boy carries with it a steep 400 calories, 15 grams of fat (8 saturated), 60 carbohydrates, and 49 grams of sugar. Yipes!

Lets shape it up; try ordering it with skim milk (or soy milk) and no whipped cream. Hey, even try ordering a tall (12 ounces) instead of a grande. Making these simple changes decreases the damage to 210 calories (for skim milk, 240 for soy milk), 2 grams of fat (5 for soy), 44 carbohydrates (47 for soy), and 37 grams of sugar (47 for soy).

See?! Proof! You don’t have to totally give up the goodness, just make small, smart changes to create a more nutritionally dense beverage!

Now, if only we could remove the icing from that lemon pound cake…


3 thoughts on “A Calorie-Counter’s Buzz Kill

  1. I already had my ” skinny” tall white chocolate peppermint mocha – frap style – no whip this week and it was to die for ! EL YUMMO !!

  2. Get it all “skinny” with sugar free syrup and a venti will only cost you 170 calories. So worth it!

  3. Thanks for the info!! I’m so excited!!!

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