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Fall is upon us

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I enjoy immensely the beautiful fall weather and all it brings; in fact it is my favorite season. So with fall as my backdrop, for my first Y blog entry, I must share with you one of my favorite fall dishes to make.  A vegetable dish so good, it even makes it to our Thanksgiving table spread by requests from all adults on both sides of my family.

Turnips to me are bold like cabbage, so you either really love them or can’t stand them.  I think that is a fair assessment for turnips, being that anyone I know that has tried them feels that way.  If you have had them cooked incorrectly, you might be hesitant to try them again, but I just know if you love to eat, you will enjoy this recipe.

About 11 years ago, I mastered the art of cooking turnips, in my grandma’s kitchen, the same kitchen might I add where I tried them for the first time as a young child.    Since then, I have had to furnish the following dish every year, and will continue until I can convince the next person to.

So from my table to yours, try this vegetable dish in addition to your families side dishes…I hope you enjoy!



5 Medium Turnips, 1 Purple Onion, 8 Slices of bacon (do not discard bacon grease)


  • Peel turnips with a peeler like you would peel a potato, and wash them thoroughly.  You can either slice them into rings or chop them in to chunks it doesn’t matter; however you want them to be thick rings, or medium sized chunks.
  • Chop red onion into small bite size pieces.
  • Fry 8 slices of bacon, and save bacon grease

Take a large pot and boil the turnips on high heat until they are semi-soft and slightly translucent in texture and color, usually around 5-7 minutes pending the size you cut them.  Drain and rinse in cold water when finished.  Take out the bacon from your frying pan and set aside for garnish later.  Place into bacon grease on medium heat the chopped purple onion and toss for one minute.  Add turnips and continue to fry on medium heat, until purple onions and turnips are soft and consistent in texture.   Your turnips and onions will caramelize in the bacon grease.  Remove and place in serving dish.  Coarsely chop remaining bacon, and garnish top of dish.  This recipe serves 6 to 8 people pending portion size.

*I could imagine if you wanted to stretch this side dish you could add some collard greens or turnip greens and it would taste just as good.   Let me know how they turn out if you try this  I haven’t ventured out and done this yet.


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