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What’s the Deal with Childcare on In-Service Days?

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Now that school is going full speed, we’re starting to have in-service days here, there and everywhere. Every year, we get questions from parents who aren’t sure about how we charge for in-service days (and I’ll admit, it can get a bit confusing), so maybe this will help.

In general, an in-service day is counted as a day of attendance. If your child attends our school-age program in the mornings, it’s 1 more morning. Same with afternoons or if your child attends both before and after school. This means that if your child comes 3 school days and 1 in-service day, it counts as the 4-5 day rate. If they come 3 school days but no in-service days, then it’s just the 1-3 day rate. If your child only attends in-service days, the rate is $22 per child per day ($25 in Bullitt County).

We urge parents who will be using an in-service day to sign up for it. The in-service day sign-up sheets at our sites about 1-2 weeks before the in-service day occurs. Signing up ahead of time is the only way to guarantee having a spot available at a particular site for the in-service day.

If you decide to attend a particular in-service day after the sign-up sheets have been removed, the best option is to contact the site director for the site your child will be attending on the in-service day. They will have the best information about how many children they are expecting and whether they have openings for additional children.

There is a caveat to signing up ahead of time, however. Because we staff for the in-service day based on how many children sign up, if you sign your child up for the day, you will be charged as if your child had attended, regardless of actual attendance. This means that if your child attends three school days and you sign up for the in-service day in a week, that will be a fourth day.

Also, because we offer care on the in-service day, we can’t assume ahead of time that your child will not be attending the in-service day. This means that if your child is signed up for 4-5 days in a week, the draft will still be for 4-5 days, even if there are two in-service days (leaving three days of school). You are, of course, more than welcome to call our office at 637-1575 by 1 pm on the Tuesday before the in-service day to let us know specifically that your child will only be attending 1-3 days for the week and we will adjust your draft. Otherwise, if the in-service day affects the fee for your child’s attendance, you’ll see that credit or overage on the following week’s draft.

I hope everyone continues to have a great school year! Thanks for being a part of our Y family!

For more info about our in-service and snow day policies, visit us at one of these pages:


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