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The Great Exercise Ball Experiment


Exercise balls. Awkward, 75 centimeter inflated rounds of strength and stability glory. You either love them, hate them, or fall off of them (sometimes in combination of the three). As with lots of fitness equipment, there are many exercise ballwellness benefits to using them, and whatever works for you goes. So, how come when two people in an office environment begin using them in replacement of their regular office chairs, people cock their heads and stare? Two reasons are possible. They’re interested and don’t want anyone to know, or they think you’re crazy. More than likely the latter.

Fast forward a week. Besides feeling my core strength increasing (holy abdominal muscles!), one of the crazy ball-sitters (by now you should know this would be me) comes up with a plan. Let’s tame the beast, let’s have everyone in the office utilize an exercise ball as a chair. Nuts? Maybe. Worth a try? You bet. One thing is for sure: we’re working and focused at a desk already, let’s just add a little balance (no pun intended) in there and reap the benefits.

Mental checklist:

  • Find a killer deal on a bulk order of exercise balls (c’mon, this fitness freak is a “I’m-going-to-research-the-heck-out-of-this-until-I-find-the-best-darn-price-out-there” shopper…….check
  • Convince co-workers it is basically the best idea since facebook created a ‘like’ button…….check
  • Place exercise ball order as quickly as possible before any said co-workers can back out (got ya’ now, suckers!)…….check

Excitement surrounds this new staff health & well being initiative in our office. According to Livestrong.com, you can burn up to 165 calories per hour just completing your normal desk work sitting on an exercise ball (vs. a normal desk chair)! Um… what? I do believe that is double the number of calories I burn while walking one mile. I may be slightly (or totally, I’ll admit to both) math deficient most days, but today I am for sure capable of adding up that equation. Bouncing around on an exercise ball burning calories all day will definitely work for me, even if the ball is University of Louisville red.


4 thoughts on “The Great Exercise Ball Experiment

  1. I can’t wait to give one a try! This chair has got to go 🙂

  2. The FUN I missed out on! A lot of massage therapists use an exercise ball while in session, gives greater mobility and obvious less stress on the sacrum and lumbar! I want one,

  3. I, too, will be doing this once I move to Mississippi! Goodbye computer chair….hello exercise ball!
    Thanks for the post, Joan!!

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